Vicarious Breyerfest

I don’t collect original finish, I don’t really like huge crowds, and I’m a cheapskate, so I doubt I’ll ever attend Breyerfest. But I still love to pour over the news and pictures from those who do go.

Here are my favorite threads on Blab:


Anyone win the hat contest?

Doowiki’s Breyerfest Blog

Lets See Your Costume!!

Breyerfest Live brags!!!

And here’s an album of pictures from the Collector’s Classes from Blab member PolarVrtx

Extra special congratulations to Caryn Peck, Jamie Baker, and Anna Kirby on their 7th place finish in cross country at Breyerfest Live. Caryn made the diorama, Jamie made the horse, and Anna made the tiny tack. Way to go ladies!

photo by Jamie Baker (I think)

Has anyone else found great galleries/link for Breyerfest eye candy? Please post them in the comments!

One response to “Vicarious Breyerfest

  1. Thank you Leah!! Yup, that’s Jaime’s photo. It was very exciting to see her place in such a large class, against all scales!

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