Rollin’ Along (har har har)

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t gotten much “studio” time (it’s not exactly a studio, it’s more like a dining table). I snuck in some time today and yesterday and just as I’m getting excited, here I go to visit family for a week. It’ll be lovely to have a relaxing week with lots of reading and hiking and swimming, but I’m also really looking forward to getting back, and having more free time.

The model I’m really excited about right now is my Roll resin. It seemed like I was prepping him forever, but now I’m finally putting color on and I really like how he’s coming. He’s got three layers of hair roaning in acrylics and three-four layers of pastel color.

I’m excited to maybe/probably have this guy done in time for two live shows in September. I’ll miss working on him, but on the other hand it will be a good break for my eyes!

3 responses to “Rollin’ Along (har har har)

  1. Ooooh, I really like the look of him!

  2. Beautiful! I want to see the finished product :)

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