Quick Tip: Faster Epoxy Drying

All too often, epoxy tries too fast when I’m trying to work with it. But other times, I want the epoxy I’ve applied to hurry up and dry so that I can sand it, paint it, or otherwise mess with it. One handy way to speed up the drying it to put your pony under a lamp. The extra heat speeds up the drying and soon enough you’ll be back to work!

Ponies drying under a desk lamp, under the watchful eye of my doggy paintbrush holder

2 responses to “Quick Tip: Faster Epoxy Drying

  1. Good idea! I remember when I was little I had to help my dad hold his glasses while he epoxied (is that a word?) the two pieces together…I couldn’t stay still. :)

  2. Neat! I can NOT WAIT to see phoyos of those guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

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