First Donation Finished

Hurrah! I have finished my donation for the Harvest Halter Live Show in September.

This is Cornucopia, a Safari Toob pony in bay appaloosa. I’m going to show her in early September (as a POA/Shetland cross) and then she’ll be a raffle model at the Sept. 22 show.

Safari Toob horses are right between Micros and Stablemates in scale

I am working on a donation for the earlier show as well- another pony. I think I have a pony problem… luckily these two are headed immediately for new homes!

7 responses to “First Donation Finished

  1. This pony is so cute! Can’t wait to see the other one! We have a lot of these at the summer camp where I work and I am always so tempted to take one Where did you buy them?

  2. It’s awesome to find another person doing customs! I’m working on some of my own you can check out my blog and let me know what you think, I think you have some really nice. So I see you know a lot about competitions which will be helpful since I want to know more and compete and start learning about them! If you have some helpful information on how to get into competitions, I would really appreciate it!

  3. Very adorable pony! :)
    Cool, I didn’t know of this size of Safaris before, shall look for them here, too.

    • Keep in mind that this scale is only for the Safari “Toob” ponies. There are two other sizes of Safari horses. The most common size (the scale of my horses Radek, Fritz, and Rabbit, for example) is about Little Bit scale, and very similar to the Schliech horses. There is also a larger Safari scale called Blue Ribbon that I believe is about Classic size.

  4. She is lovely, Leah! Good luck at the show!

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