Fun at the Pony Show!

This weekend I had the pleasure of acting as groom at the Benton County Fair Pony Show. This little show is put on by Traci Durrell Khalife, who is also a long time hobbyist and organizer of the NW Expo Live Show (which was the 2012 NAMSHA Member Show of the Year!)

First up was the costume class. Jupiter and Malen were a mighty knight and his faithful steed. Malia was Laura Ingalls Wilder and her faithful pioneer pony.

Dressing Alice for the costume class

Besides our two, there was a fairy, an Indian, and a tropical beach pony. I’m a little biased, but I thought ours were the bestest.

The entrants file into the arena.

The judge walked around talking with each entrant, asking them about their pony and their costume.

The judge was very impressed with Malen’s homemade shield.

I don’t know how the judge possibly made her decision! There was so much cuteness. Malia/Laura Ingalls Wilder won second place…

The beautiful pioneer ladies!

And Sir Malen was fourth.

The mighty steeds scratches his head on the lovely lady as Sir Malen proudly displays his rosette.

There wasn’t much time between classes, so Malia kept her dress on for her next event, In Hand Trail. This class had a surprisingly difficult pattern, and Malia did a great job showing off Alice’s ground manners even though Alice was a bit transfixed by the rodeo horses in their pen on the other side of the arena.

Trotting through the box of poles. Next step: halt and do a haunch turn to the left.

She was rewarded with another second place ribbon!

We had a bit of a wait while the harness classes ran (next post, I promise!) We scrounged for shade and the ponies grazed happily next to the bleachers.

Alice greeting some of her many fans.

Our last class was leadline 6 and under. Sir Malen transformed into Cowboy Malen and the lovely lady into a trusty cowgirl.

Entering the arena

Malen was definitely the Best Dressed, and came away with a red rosette in his class of four little riders.

The happy cowboy

This was a great, low-key little show for kids just starting out. Malen and Malia are already excited for next year! And I am too!

2 responses to “Fun at the Pony Show!

  1. So cute! Now for some model horse photos? :D

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