Pony Show part two: Harness Games

This weekend’s pony show had something I’ve never seen before: games in harness! There were only two contestants, but it was fun to watch them rattling around doing traditional gymkhana with their little minis.

They did a flag race…

and barrel racing.

Trotting for home!

They also played a game I’ve never heard of, called the Phone Book Race or Greta Green Race. For this event, the judge tells the entrant a page number. The entrant then races to a barrel, grabs the phone book that is on top, and rips out the specified page. They are allowed to stay in the cart or climb out if needed.

With the page in hand, they race back over the finish line. You definitely want to make sure your horse is not afraid of flapping paper before entering this event!

The two harness ponies were mighty cute. I’m a sucker for roans, even though this little guy was being a real turd for his kid.

He looks so cute and innocent

The chestnut was obviously a show veteran, and dozed off between classes with no one at the reins.

I doubt I’ll be able to emulate harness games with my models anytime soon, but a mounted phone book race is a good idea for a standing horse. He could be waiting patiently while his rider thumbs through the pages. I’d just have to make a 1:32 scale yellow pages…

One response to “Pony Show part two: Harness Games

  1. Ponys…barrel racing…..in…. harness…. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

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