Summer Fun at the Barn

After the pony show, we came home and did barn chores. It was a withering 100 degrees out, so we interlaced chores with plenty of water and popsicle breaks.

First up was unloading the horses and tack from the trailer. Then we brought all the horses in from the big pasture to escape the high heat.

Despite visiting a lovely stallion last month, the vet tells us that Thistle is not pregnant. But it’s sure hard to believe from this angle.

Most of the horses appreciated being in their shady stalls during the hot weather. But like many old ladies, Charlotte likes the thermostat at at least 80.

Charlotte soaking up the rays

Violet had a quick free lunging session.

Just look at that trot!

After working up a bit of a sweat Violet had her third encounter with the hose.

Trying to drink out of the hose and getting a nostril full.

Violet shows off her stylish and effective fly mask.

Red, the ancient retiree, got his beet pulp/equine senior liquid-diet lunch. To witness the full effect you have to watch the video, with the volume up.

Mmm… slop…

The kids beat the heat by dragging out a kiddie pool.

Meanwhile, an exhausted parent fell asleep on the barn floor.

This was no catnap- he was snoring loudly.

And he wasn’t the only one taking an afternoon nap.

Hwin the Haflinger demonstrates the droopy lip.

I swept the floor and dumped wheelbarrows. Just as we were all about to pass out from heat exhaustion, the Chuck Wagon came!

“Cooky” had the brilliant idea of serving up an impromptu buffet lunch from the trunk of his car.

Then we had a picnic on the barn floor, during which Malen helpfully tied my shoes together.

So helpful.

After the kids went home, Robyn and I turned to one last, important chore: taking down wasp nests. We are a great team- she hoses the nest and I poke it down with a stick and/or stomp on it. Great fun was had, expletives were used, and many wasp families wept for their lost loved ones.

The enemy.

3 responses to “Summer Fun at the Barn

  1. LOL! Red is too funny! :)

  2. Cute :) Triple digits where I live tomorrow and since being at horse camp and doing LOTS of work it’s going to feel way hotter than it is. But, it’s horse camp :D

  3. Awww, Red! XD
    100F though, that’s like… *googles* 37C! O_O Jeeeeze.

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