Quick Tip: Catch All Tray

I’ve been super busy this week trying to judge a breed division for IMEHA while also doing the final planning and errands for a 300 person tech conference I’m helping organize. Event planning is hard work!

So I’m rather behind in both model stuff and blogging. But here’s a quick handy dandy tip. Whether you’re painting, sculpting, or working on tack, I find it’s very helpful to have a catch-all tray under where I’m working.

I think mind might be part of a tupperware- I likely scavenged it from Goodwill or a freebox. It’s nice to have not only to contain the mess, but also to catch flying bits (oh, I needed that buckle!), mix paint on, and other random tasks. It helps me to keep my table clean, since it catches most of the pastel dust, leather scraps, and plastic bits that inevitably fly about. If you’d like something a little more posh than mine, you can buy a Tabletop Tarp with foldable edges to hold your hobby projects.

Here’s two sneak peeks of current projects. I hope to have the pony finished in time for the September shows (she’s a commission) and the trotting cob will be a Christmas gift.

The conference is tomorrow, and maybe Sunday or Monday I’ll resurface.

2 responses to “Quick Tip: Catch All Tray

  1. Love the cob! Who’s the head from?

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