More Odds and Ends

Lately I’ve been sick, busy, gone or a combination of those, so I haven’t gotten a solid chunk of time to work. Meanwhile, I’m also trying to get ready for my two September shows. And early, so I’m not running around crazily the night before.

I only have one actually horse to finish by then, the grulla pony from my last post. She’s nearly finished, so I’m not worried.

I’m still eagerly awaiting the results of the MEPSA 2011-2012 Championship Show, but meanwhile I’ve gotten the results back from my first MEPSA Open Division Show (from the just-starting 2012-2013 season). Competition is tough, but it’s exciting to be showing with such amazing competition. I’m proud that Kettil Blacksmith took first in Pony Type Stallions (7), Buckskin/Dun/Grulla (14), and Simple CM (22). Wheee!

Kettil Blacksmith, young Fjord stallion

I’m also very chuffed about a 5th place for Nightfox, which doesn’t sound too illustrious except that the class had 107 entrants! I’m proud that my photo even stood out enough to make the first cut. Poor judge!

I’m getting really, really excited for the upcoming shows, and feeding my excitement by drooling over photos from other shows online. There are tons of beautiful horses and amazing performance set ups to see. I especially like this awesome Weather Girl custom, and I see the judge agrees with me.

Overall Reserve Champion Custom by Tiffany Purdy. Photo from the Great Lakes Congress March 17 No Frills Show facebook album.

One of the things I’m doing to prep for my show is making sure all my tack is in order. My secret weird entry needed a bareback pad so I made one for Jaime, and meanwhile found that his bridle needed a minor repair.

Everything else seems to be ready, although I need to train a few tack pieces and hopefully make a pair of splint boots. More on that adventure next time!

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  1. *continues to drool over Kettil*

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