MEPSA Champion Show Results!

I’ve been trying to wait patiently, and today the mailman delivered a very anticipated box- the results and prizes from the MEPSA Championship Show!

Even my husband, who is generally uninterested in hobby stuff, was gleefully helping me discover and unwrap the goodies. I meant to take pictures as I went, but it was just too exciting!

My horses did fabulously- those trophies were won by Kettil Blacksmith (Halter Grand Champion) and Nightfox (Performance Grand Champion). The green trophy on the right was won by Doublet (Halter Reserve Grand Champion). Judges Choice was Rumble Strip in my racing diorama. I got so many ribbons, the husband said that maybe they forgot to sort them and I just got the whole stack.

Those purple ones on top are champion (i.e. 1st place in the champ show) ribbons!

I won a lot of prizes and ribbons, but my favorite is a beautiful resin draft foal, First Draft. I’ve coveted this little filly since she was released by her sculptor, Marcy Osedo. She was generously donated to the MEPSA show by Dani Schacht.

First draft joins my other two resins, who also both happen to be mini drafts. I’m sensing a theme here!

I still have the wonderful Championship Show book to enjoy this afternoon on the plane to Spokane (we’re going for the weekend to visit a friend). And I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the box’s arrival…

As soon as it was empty of prizes and ribbons, Franny claimed it as her own.

6 responses to “MEPSA Champion Show Results!

  1. Congrats! The horses in the back are like, “Aren’t you proud of me?” ;]

  2. That’s awesome! Congrats, you deserve all those goodies! :)

  3. Wow, go you! Your wonderful horses totally deserved those wins. And how wonderful that you won that little filly you always wanted, you must feel completely spoled and happy. :)

  4. Phwoar, someone’s done well! O_O I keep meaning to get back into photoshowing…

    Loving the cat picture at the end. XD

  5. Wow- congratulations!

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