Mummy Horses

I’ve heard that some people tack up their performance horses before packing them to save time on show day. I’m a little nervous about how many classes I’m entering, so I thought I might try it. But, I also worry that the tack won’t actually stay on in transport and it’ll end up before more hassle then it’s worth. Then I remembered that I have a bunch of vet wrap.

I cut pieces to hold one those pesky bridle straps, and voila, mummy horses.

2 responses to “Mummy Horses

  1. Neat!! I would be worried about the warp being sticky and messing uo the paint though. (If is was a cm)

    Can’t wait to see show photos!

  2. This will work just fine, I have done it similiarly the few times I went to show performance on a liveshow. :)
    Good luck und much fun on your show!

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