Rose City Live, part 2

Here are some more cool highlights from the Rose City Live, featuring entries owned by me and my friends Caryn & Martin Peck.

Nightfox was looking pretty suave in the Hunter/Jumpers class with this awesome jump made by Caryn of Mountain Home Models.

I thought it was pretty cool to see two other mini set ups in the Hunter/Jumper class.

Minis represent!

Nightfox wore his fancy new splint boots and saddle bags for this natural trail set up, with one of Caryn’s dioramas (and a wee little chipmunk by me).

Vortex looking lovely in his natural trail entry, with tack by Anna Kirby/Dreamflite Design and diorama by Mountain Home Models.

In the OF Performance division, Caryn’s cute little foal made his debut with this cool tarp bombproofing scene. Check out the inspirational picture here.

The tarp came back in Other Western with this cool under saddle bombproofing scene. I can not begin to express the terror this situation would inspire in my real horse…

Caryn also had this awesome Aussie Droving scene featuring some beloved older models and one of her huge, beautiful dioramas.

Finally, my favorite creation of Caryn’s, her totally amazing awesome San Francisco Bridge jump. How cool is this?!

Coming tomorrow: even more live show eye candy!

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