Alpo, take two

It’s down to the wire getting Alpo’s new finish work done in time for the show tomorrow. One of the ways I sped up the process was by doing a lot of his color in acrylics. This also really helped with my other conundrum: how to keep this white horse clean!

One of the things I find difficult about pastelling a “white” grey is keeping the horse from getting bits of darker stuff in his coat, whether it’s pastel or dust or what. It’s difficult, and something that’s never really been an issue on other colors.

But since Alpo has an acrylic base coat, keeping him clean and doing little in-progress touch ups was relatively easy, since I knew what colors made up his base.

Alpo as of yesterday afternoon

Doing so much work in acrylics might not sound speedy, but what helps is that unlike with pastels, I don’t have to wait for fixative to dry for hours between coats. I can get a lot of color and detail in without stopping, so a couple hours in the afternoon goes a long way. By Thursday night Alpo was 98% done. Since then he’s gotten a few tiny nitpicks and several layers of fixative to seal everything in.

Alpo as of this afternoon

My plan is to gloss his eyes tonight and pack him up last minute tomorrow morning before I hit the road.

This iteration of Alpo is in general similar to his original self. His tail is a bit swishier and detailed, and he is a lighter, whiter grey color. I also did his muzzle coloring a bit differently, inspired by one of my favorite ponies, Markey (aka The Great White Sharkey).


Alpo’s last coat of fixative is drying as we speak, and I’ve got my new gloss varnish out and waiting. My other ponies are all packed, reference sheets made, and I dare say I’m ready to show!

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