Harvest Halter Live 2012!

Saturday was the Harvest Halter Live Show, hosted by the lovely and talented Caryn Peck. This was Caryn’s first time as show organizer and wow did she do a good job!

The show was relatively small (15 or so entrants) but with gorgeous models and plenty of difficult classes. I really liked the size of the show because it made for a lot of fun, nearly room-wide conversations. I met new people and got to know others better and generally had a wonderful time.

The classlist was designed excellently for me because all the mini classes were in the morning and the Classic and Traditional models showed after lunch. So all my guys were done by noon and I got to spend the afternoon chatting and hanging out.

Barb judging the Simple CM Mini Ponies

Amy W. judging AR Mini Stock

The raffle table. Big thanks to all the generous folks who donated!

My table

I didn’t have any big wins, but maybe my most satisfying placings was Penny Candy’s second in AR Other Stock. This wee gal has had kind of a rough life, with a false start (the original body broke) and two repairs since then. Her latest break was at Rose City Live, and in the few weeks between then and this show I devised her new plastic base.

My three other NAN card winners were Rahija, Nightfox, and Troy Soldier, all of whom have already have one or more NAN cards to their name! Maybe I can start thinking about the NAMSHA Merit Award program!

Troy lost only to the amazing Zuko owned by Amy Peck

After having such a blast at Rose City Live and Harvest Halter Live, I’m getting super stoked for NW Congress at the end of October. I’ve got some repairs and improvements to make before then, so I have a good goal list for the next couple weeks. Wheee!

One response to “Harvest Halter Live 2012!

  1. Congrats on the wins! Beauiful ponies! I atcualy donted the tack, just some of my old tack that was laying around. :)

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