Tiny Things

My Christmas gift portrait cob now has hair! Said hair needs work, but she looks a lot better than last month when she had no ears and a wire sticking out of her butt…

Kettil Blacksmith is still in the pony hospital, but he’s recovering from Brokentailitis and will hopefully be ready to hit the show ring in a few weeks.


Meanwhile, awesome hobby bloggers are busy making tiny masterpieces. EG of Last Alliance Studios cooked up some delicious looking sandwiches and Nichelle of Desktop Stables made a whole library of wee books. Seriously, the first pictures in these two posts will give you a real double take.

3 responses to “Tiny Things

  1. Oh wow, Kettil looks like he was never damaged at all! *gives giant thumbs up* Top quality repair job there!

    • Ha, you must not be looking very hard. It looks a bit like he has a fungus on his rump. Happily, he’s looking better already and should improve even more in the next two weeks.

  2. Aw, Kettil was hurt, too? Good that he makes indeed such a speedy progress at recovery! Great job!

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