NW Congress Report… Finally!

After a wonderful weekend at the show, I got back late Sunday night to a busy week and lengthening to-do list. Things are also getting down to the wire on Project Charlotte, so I’ve been spending much of my free time working on that. It has taken until now for me to organize my photos and my thoughts, and sit down to blogging.

The show was super fun. Amy Peck did a masterful job making this show run smoothly with great judges, a fun raffle, a spacious venue, and lots of other little details that make a show great.

I can away with some very satisfying placings, especially considering the size of this show. I’ll be spreading my results and pictures throughout multiple posts, but first up: custom performance! I’m very pleased with my placings, especially at a big show and competing against mostly traditional scale horses.

In the Other Performance division, I entered Doublet and her Warmblood Inspection scene in the In Hand/Showmanship class. I had this set-up at Rose City Live and the judge liked it, but unfortunately the bit popped off mid-class. I used liberal amounts of sticky wax this time and way rewarded with a second place.

My next entry was in Parade/Other Costume. I placed fourth out of five which isn’t anything too exciting, but I was just stoked to have made this and have it shown. When I was in 4-H as a kid I had a dream of entering the costume class as a club dressed as motorcycles, to create an equine motor cycle gang. That never happened (and really, my horse at that age would never have stood for it) but I remembered the idea and decided to recreate it in miniature. I called it “Harley Neigh-vidson.”

The English division was next. I’ve been working since Rose City Live to improve my musical stalls set up and to get my own prop horse so I wouldn’t have to borrow. Here’s Nightfox and “Poppy the Proppy” (an OF Seabiscuit) taking a satisfying third in English Games.

In English Trail, I was once again very pleased to take what I learned at Rose City and apply it successfully. The judge then had commented that the scale of my poles was a bit off, but the set up was otherwise nice. I used my new set of poles in a near replica and was rewarded with another red ribbon and NAN card.

The final class in the English division was Other English, which was mostly dressage. I had my own dressage set up, which placed fourth. Sure, I would have preferred a red or blue… but it makes me giggle a bit that the ribbon matches so nicely with the crisp perfect whites of a dressage set up.

Nightfox did venture into the western division with some borrowed tack (thanks Caryn!) but between his forward canter and my western-performance naivete, he earned little to show for it. But now I’m determined to make a western set for my mule *grin*
Next up: check out some of the beautiful set ups I was competing against! Many, many more pictures to come.

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