NW Congress: OF Performance

The OF Performance division was on Sunday along with the custom halter divisions. This is always a brilliant choice by the show holder because it means you don’t have to choose between showing your horse in halter or performance. I was busy showing in the multiple halter divisions, but I still managed to snap a few pictures of the cool stuff happening the in the OF Performance division.
This is the last of my NW Congress pictures posts, and I also threw in some of the misc. pictures I had from the vintage classes, OF Halter, Open AR, and other fun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you may have noticed I’ve had no time for blogging recently- I’ve been working a lot, riding my horse every week (whee!), and trying to keep life in order as we head into the holidays and the traveling and other business they bring. I do have a few little projects in the works, though- some stuff for me and some more highly prioritized presents. I’ve been taking some in progress pictures and hopefully I’ll have a moment this week to post them.

One response to “NW Congress: OF Performance

  1. Oh I totally understand that life gets in the way, no stress!
    These are very nice show-photos, I especially love the creative performance entries.

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