Crafty Christmas Progress

This last weekend was my last free one before the holidays, so I took the opportunity to sit down and make some serious progress on the remaining hand made Christmas gifts.

This is what my tabletop studio looked like for most of Saturday:

table 12-8-12

On the left you can see the mid point of a little project I did for my grandmother. I used this cool tutorial from to make a miniature Christmas Cactus for her. It’s about 2 inches tall. I loved the fact that I had all the materials already on hand from my other craft projects. I learned some good techniques that will be applicable to the model horse hobby, too.

2012-12-10 11.58.36

One of the ones that’s been haunting me is my 1:48 scale Dr. Who figure. He and his TARDIS have been scary epoxy blobs for a while now, but no longer! They have taken shape, and with some paint they are looking downright delightful.

On Saturday, the doctor looked like this:

dr who 12-8-12

And by Sunday, things were looking positively Who-tastic.

dr who 12-9-12

It’s always fun to paint something other than horses once in a while, since I get to play with all my colorful acrylics. By Sunday my table looked like this:



As you can see, I still need to do some miniscule writing on the TARDIS, but Sunday was coming to a close and I wanted to get some fixative on there before I do any more painting. I don’t know when that will happen, or if my eyes will fall out of my head, but I feel a lot better about having this done by Christmas!

Did I mention he’s tiny?

dr who scale

One response to “Crafty Christmas Progress

  1. I love the little cactus! It is wonderful.

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