My First Medallion

One of the other projects I did this December was to paint my first medallion. I couldn’t post earlier because the recipient of the medallion reads my blog, but the gift’s been given, the horse is out of the bag, and I can post some pictures.

It was quite fun to paint a medallion. It was simple in that it was a manageable size and only had one side, but with a lot of potential for wee detail as well. I think I spent half an evening painting the inside of the horse’s ear. I did more than usual in acrylics, too, which is always challenging and satisfying.


This medallion was sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Bruenig, but I don’t know it’s name. I painted it as a portrait of my friends Arabian gelding.


It was exciting to get to paint a traditional sized eye! There’s just so much room in there- like moving from a twin bed to a California king!

I don’t have room in my collection for medallions, but I definitely see why people like to paint and collect them. I sure wouldn’t say no to painting a few more for sale or commissions :)

3 responses to “My First Medallion

  1. He’s so awesome and he looks just like Cy! Thanks so much for him, we just love him…and he’s our first portrait horse! :D

  2. He turned out very nice. :)

  3. I love the fuzzy detailing in his ear!

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