Wheee! Jumping.

I had a lovely time at the show this weekend and will be getting my photos up later this week. Meanwhile, I am dreaming about jumping, jumping, and more jumping. Did you know you can watch all the coverage of the 2004 Olympics cross country on youtube? It’s in eight parts, starting here. I watched it today while prepping my two drafty resin boys.

Last Wednesday Robyn took a video of my jumping a fun little course. The jumps are small, but it had interesting lines and was really fun. Cochise was being a real sweetie (if you ignore that little crow hop- he doesn’t appreciate my dressage whip).

Jumping – 1/22/13 from Leah on Vimeo.

Robyn and I have our jump lesson tomorrow and I’m really excited! It’s hard to believe that only six months ago I wasn’t riding twice a month, let alone every week. I look forward to my ride all week long!

One response to “Wheee! Jumping.

  1. D’awww, what a lovely lad!

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