Martouf the Strawberry Blond

I’m continuing to work on Martouf as time allows. I was able to put in some really good time on him last weekend, and I can really see his body color coming together now.

martouf - 2-22-13

His mane and tail are a complex color. As a chestnut-going-grey, he’s got a whole bunch of tones in there. I was actually a little afraid to start working on the hair at all, but I got brave yesterday. My main reference horse has a reddish mane with greys around the roots and a lot of variation. I started out by gathering together a bunch of colors that might work. I used Jaime Baker’s brilliant tip about comparing to a printed reference page to find out which I really wanted to use.

martouf forelock - colors

Martouf already had a very thin light chestnut coat over his hair to help me visualize. I started adding in the other colors, keeping an eye on my reference and also on the overall flow of color in the sculpted mane. My technique was basically to keep adding color, in thinner and thinner lines. If there was a swath of one color that I could fit my brush into, that meant it needed another line of a different color added.

martouf forelock 01

Besides varying the colors, it’s really important to make sure you find and paint every bit of sculpted mane or tail. Sometimes it’s hard to get at, for example, the edges of a lock of hair, but it’s really important to maintain the realistic “weight” of the hair.

martouf forelock 02

Also, note the color of the shorter hairs where the mane meets the body color. Often those are the color of the body more than the mane. I used some Titan Buff to transition between the white/grey of his body to the reds and darker greys in his hair.

martouf forelock 03

In the last picture his forelock is about 95% done. I still need to add a few more bits, but I ran out of time. I’ll add that when I tackle the tail- but I want to wait til I have 2-3 free hours before I start that!

2 responses to “Martouf the Strawberry Blond

  1. I love how you managed to make the shading in his coat so soft. It looks very natural and he has such an adorable face.

  2. Oh he’s looking GOOD! I can’t wait to see him finished!

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