More Jumping Fun

This weekend I drove down to Corvallis to sneak in one more ride on Cochise before I leave for England. It was a blast. We set up a five jump course and attempted to make some fearsome jumps to practice. One of my goals this summer is to paint up our jumps and make a bunch of exciting new ones, but for now we get really creative with what we have.

Robyn was riding her new horse, the beautiful WB/TB mare Emily. She loves to jump and is really fun to ride. She’s a real powerhouse, and at the same time is super sweet and sensitive.

emily trotting

robyn - noodles2

One of the scariest jumps for Cochise was a little oxer with his blanket tossed under it for a different look. Even though he happily wears his blanket all the time, he was pretty sure it was a horse eating monster. We had a couple of fun refusals of the four-legs-stiff put-on-the-brakes kind. Then I let him take a good look and thoroughly investigate the fearsome item.

smelling the blanket jump2

And after that we made it over, although there were a few impressive over-jumps at first (just in case it was still alive and hungry- you’ve got to be careful you know).

cochise - blanket jump2

Meanwhile, the ex-eventer Emily is looking gorgeous, and Robyn is doing a very nice impression of an equitation handbook.

robyn - perfect jump2

We also had a vertical with some fake trees under it, a plain brown vertical, and this skinny jump made out of barrels and cones.

cochise - skinny barrels

We rode for a long time and had a blast. Since Robyn and I take lessons together, we know what we each need to work on and can take turns playing trainer (and taking pictures) while the other one does a course. The horses had fun too- they both really enjoy jumping, it’s clear.

While I was putting things away I let Cochise wander up and down the barn aisle cleaning up the fallen hay and generally being very helpful. He looks super swaybacked and wonky is this picture but I think it’s super cute anyway.

cochise being cute

Got any more of those treats?

Got any more of those treats?

I know I’m really gonna miss riding Cochise while I’m in England, but I have so much fun riding adventures to look forward to this summer! It’s going to be great.

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  1. D’awwww, he’s so sweet!

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