Back at the Barn

I was so excited to head out to the barn this weekend for the first time since getting back from England. It was a wonderfully sunny weekend. On Sunday morning the ponies were enjoying a lovely nap in the sun.

2013-05-05 11.12.42

If you click for the big version you can see the heart shaved into the mini’s rump :)

We took advantage of the summery evening  to build two jump fillers. As always, I’m a cheapskate, and wanted to make these with as little expense as possible. I’m happy to report that the fake brush, pallet, and bench (?) parts were all free from road sides or Craigslist. Robyn’s dad graciously lent us his tools, expertise, and a bit of scrap lumber to finish them off. The pallet idea came from this sweet website.

2013-05-05 11.18.53 2013-05-05 11.19.02

And those are only the beginning! I’ve got the materials for several more jumps, including a couple of flower boxes!

Of course, having made these new jumps we had to try them out! We set up a course of exciting scary things with these, a faux liverpool (made with a tarp), a skinny made from barrels, and a blanket jump (vertical + horse blanket = scary looking jump). I was so proud of Cochise- he went over every single one with minimal fuss, and was clearly enjoying himself by the end. I was especially proud that he went over the liverpool- tarps have long been his worst enemy, despite many attempts to desensitize him.

I’m pretty sure the first time over looked something like this:

the liverpool

I have lots more jumping fun coming up- a lesson on Wednesday and then our show (gulp!) on Sunday. Cochise and I have never made it around a jumping course at a show in our 10+ years together, but maybe this time we can….

Meanwhile, I’m itching to get working on models. I wish I had some prepped so I could get painting. I’ve also got a bunch of ideas for tack to make. The only problem is I have a repetitive movement injury in my elbow which may make things like prepping and skivving painful and/or impossible. Fingers crossed!

And finally, here’s a picture of wild gypsy ponies on the fell in Northern England:

2013-04-28 17.47.27

One response to “Back at the Barn

  1. Eee, cobs. ^^
    I love that little cartoon – it’s never fun when they try to jump the moon like that. XD

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