MEPSA Donation Colors

Thanks to everyone who voted in my MEPSA donation color polls. I’m pleased to say that the models are finally prepped and primered, and ready to get some color!

mepsa horses in primer

The Morgan Stallion will be a silver dapple and the Appaloosa gelding with be a sooty buckskin semi leopard. I’m excited to be working with color again! Once the pastels are out I’ll also be starting work on my Hale resin, who has been chillaxing in the cabinet as a half finished blue roan while I was traveling.

In the sculpting arena I’ve got my WIP Racehorse Ornament coming along. I dremeled off his mane and tail yesterday in anticipation of adding my own. He’s also got ears, although they need some serious work where they connect to the head. And yes, his muzzle is still small while his cheek and jaw have added epoxy. I promise to even out his poor face (and get rid of the scary sharpie).

WIP Racehorse Ornament 5-16-13

And, because I am a little crazy, I’ve also started another semi-drastic custom. More on her next time!

2 responses to “MEPSA Donation Colors

  1. That TB is looking AMAZING! :o

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