More Jumping Please All the Time

I had my first taste of cross-country jumping last weekend and I’m itching to do more. Unfortunately the rain here has closed the course. But I nonetheless had a lovely ride yesterday, and managed to make some weird new jumps to scare Cochise with.

I also made a liverpool, which I thought we’d conquered the other day. But apparently this liverpool had a HORSE-EATING MONSTER living inside of it. So that was fun.

fearsome liverpool

I also made this rather inspired (if I do say so myself) pumpkin jump. I was at a garage sale a few weekends ago and this woman had a ton of these. I’d seen people use little toy pumpkins as model horse props with jumping and trail set ups, and I thought well, why not extrapolate that out to real horses?

jack o lantern jump

In my quest to add fun new toys to our arena, I’m trying hard to find things that are widely applicable. For example, the brush boxes and gate that I shared previously make nice jump fillers, but they can also be used in obstacle or trail courses. The jack-o-lanterns are fun for jumps, and can also be used by the kids when they play horseback games. Or maybe that’s just something I tell myself when I’m loading bags of plastic jack-o-lanterns into my trunk…

An recent unrelated but excellent acquisition are these fun shiny crops. Robyn bought two one day and then sent me back to the tack store for several more that she’d regretted not buying. The red star one is mine :)

fun crops

So I’ve been doodling courses on scratch paper and morosely watching the rain, thinking about the muddy cross country course. But at least there’s lots of sweet videos online. So I’ve been watching a lot of videos from past Three Day Events like Burghley and Rolex. I also watched this interesting three part series on finding your distance. Meanwhile, I’m putting the first layers of color on the two MEPSA horses and working to finish up the Saddlebred’s remaking before I add a new mane and tail.

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