Stupendous Summer Continues

On Wednesday I took Cochise out to the nearby cross-country horse to practice. It was only our second time out. Even though it’s still very new and he was really worried about not having a herd-mate, he was wonderful. We rode for over an hour and both had a great time. I don’t have any pictures but it looked something like this:

andrew nicholson rolex 2013-2

When we got home and Cochise was back in the summer pasture with his herd, Robyn suggested that we clip Thistle, who hasn’t shed out her winter woolies. All the other horses have their summer coats on, but poor Thistle was still sweltering under a lot of extra hair. We set out to rescue her from the heat.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 11.32.06 AM

But of course the best thing about clipping a horse is that you can shave designs into their butt. We’ve already done stars, hearts, and initials, so we decided to try something new. Thistle’s nickname is “The Pufferfish” because she puffs up when you saddle her, so we went with a nautical theme.

For optimum precision, we opted to paint the designs first. So I fetched Robyn’s amazing Beauty Box. The Beauty Box is a magical tub containing everything you could ever want to decorate a horse. There’s the usual rubber bands and show sheen but also hoof glitter, clip on flowers, Kool Aid (yes, it works) and paint.

beauty box

I used the white paint to draw the our designs on Thistle’s rump. Then Robyn (the more skilled clipper) did the shaving.

thistle - painted fish

shaving thistle 2

After we finished clipping her (you could almost hear her sigh of relief) we washed off the excess hair and the paint. She grazed in the sun while we brought the other horses in for dinner. And behold, the finished artwork!

thistle - shaved fish 2

thistle - shaved sailboat 2

Teehee! I don’t know any other pony who has a sailboat!

4 responses to “Stupendous Summer Continues

  1. Cute idea!! :)

  2. Hahaha love it!!

  3. Did you buy thistle from Pony Pros in Oregon?

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