Rewind: Lengthening Legs

I knew I’d taken some photos while working on my Pebbles Saddlebred’s legs, but I didn’t find them til now. So this is a bit of a rewind to before this post.

The photo I did fail to take were the ones showing the original issue. This borrowed picture of another OF shows the issue a little- notice how the fetlocks on the near side end lower down then those on the off side? The cannons and hooves are significantly longer too.

pebbles asb of feet

To adjust the legs, I more or less followed the same steps I would to fix a broken leg. Although I did have to “break” the leg first- or , to be more precise, I sawed it off with my dremel.

saddlebred legs 1

After paring down the amputated legs a bit to match the others (as well as the hooves on both sides), I reattached them using a metal pin and super glue.

saddlebred legs 2

The next step was filling in and resculpting with epoxy. And a whole bunch of filing and filling to get the hooves even and flat. But now I’ve got a much more balanced and correct horse.

2013-06-09 11.44.29

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