The Wait is Over!

Alice was due to foal on June 23 (next Sunday) and was showing none of the usual signs. So Robyn was very surprised to go out to the barn on June 16 and see–from across the field–that Alice looked decidedly thinner. Closer inspection revealed a beautiful, healthy colt.

The first morning

The first morning

Oscar, as he has come to be known, is a palomino like his daddy and has beautiful appaloosa markings like mom. Alice is a great mom- she protects him fiercely from the horses on the other side of the fence but is happy to let people love all over him. Oscar himself isn’t one to be coddled- on his first day he was already bolting around with his concerned mother trotting behind. He’s only gotten more bold and adventurous, and I think Al is getting used to his wandering as well.

I can’t get enough of watching this little guy, and I made a silly video of his first three days.

Oscar loves people already- if you go into the paddock he comes trotting over to check you out, taste your jacket, and shove his nose into your hand. You can tell he’s gonna be a smart, feisty handful, just like mom. Al is the reason that you have to keep tight lids on the grain bins and put clips on the stall latches.

And of course, I’ve got a whole bunch of adorable photos to share too. And surely, many more to come.

3 responses to “The Wait is Over!

  1. Squeeeeee!
    He’s just adorable!!
    Can’t wait for more photos!

  2. D’awwwww!
    He certainly didn’t take long to get the hang of his legs did he? Jeezo.

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