Inavale Farms Horse Trails 2013: Beginner Novice

I spent this weekend in Corvallis watching the action at the Inavale Farms Horse Trials. My goal is to enter the Beginner Novice division next year, so I was particularly keen to watch that division.

I’m so used to watching high level eventing online, it was satisfying and exciting to watch people jump things that I knew I can jump- and a few that I have jumped before!


Cochise and I have jumped this barn! In fact, when we did it, it was on an upslope instead of this nice even ground.

It was interesting to see what obstacles caused the most problems, and think about how I–or Cochise–might have handled the same thing. A number of the horses balked a bit at the water, but they all eventually made it in.


Many of the entries, including this eventual division winner, splashed happily through the water at a nice trot.

Many of the horses took issue with what looked like a simple hazelnut table. I’m itching to get out to the course and try it. This horse took issue with the red barn.

refusal 01

But his rider got him over it on the second try.

refusal 02

Unfortunately he had some more refusals further on and was eliminated. As someone with a refusal-prone horse (in fact, in our 3 jumping show outings together we have never not been dismissed) I felt a particular pang of sympathy of those folks who didn’t get to finish the course.

Cochise and I definitely need to work on ditches and Trakehners. The Inavale Farms Trials has five main divisions from Beginner Novice to Intermediate, and everyone got a level-appropriate Trakehner fence.

trakehner line

A rider takes the Beginner Novice Trakehner. Far right is the Prelim fence and in the middle is the massive Intermediate fence.

I’m confident that Cochise and I could sail easily over this nice brush jump though. It was the last jump of the course and I was able to sit nice and close to it to watch.

the hustler

This pair took 2nd in the Beginner Novice Senior division.

As we moved further up the levels the breed listings got more and more uniform (TB, TB, TB, Warmblood, TB…) but in Beginner Novice there’s a bit more variety- as well as a healthy number of TBs and Sport Horses. One of the crowd favorites was this gorgeous Gypsy Vanner. I saw him earlier in the year doing a 3′ jumper course with ease.

mystic prince

This pair finished 7th in their division, feathers flying.

The Beginner Novice division also included several Quarter Horses, a Kiger Mustang, a few part Arabs, and a Morgan/Welsh cross. One of my personal favorites was this massive Percheron/Thoroughbred cross, Duke. I have also wanted a draft cross jumper so he definitely caught and held my attention. He finished 8th in his division.


Duke clomping through the water obstacle

I took a ton of pictures trying to document everything. Here are some more of the best ones from the Beginner Novice cross country. If any of these would be useful for you as reference or documentation, feel free to use them.

One response to “Inavale Farms Horse Trails 2013: Beginner Novice

  1. Eeeee, that little cob is gorgeous! The Perchie cross is really nice too!
    I’ve never yet seen cross country in the flesh, it’s something I really need to get to at some point.

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