Oscar Update

Oscar continues to be his delightful adorable self.

Oscar 1 - 7-3-13

The urge to photograph him is pretty irresistible, considering his epic cuteness. But it’s also hard, because he’s so friendly! As soon as you come into his paddock, he heads right over to say hi. So I get a lot of pictures like this:

Oscar 2 - 7-3-13

This one through the fence came out pretty darn cute-

Oscar 3 - 7-3-13

He’s got his baby teeth in now and is very interested in using them, although he generally drops his finds after a bit of chewing. He’s already messing around with mom’s grain even!

I rode early in the morning this week to beat the heat. Remembering the issues some of the horses at Inavale had with umbrellas, I set up this excellent obstacle for Cochise:

2013-07-03 10.50.27 copy

He only refused it once, which honestly is fair, considering. But then we went over it many many times without issue, so I was very proud. He was really more afraid of the noise the tape made when I attached the pool noodles to the standard.

I’ve actually been working on my model horse projects quite a bit, although I’ve been very bad about posting, clearly :P Among other things, my Saddlebred is really coming along- I would say she’s nearly ready to get a tail, but I just decided she needs her cannon bones redone again so back to the lab. But still… I’m very pleased with how far she’s come.

chrys 2.0 7-7-13

In addition to the obvious- new mane, removed tail, turned head, and shortened hooves- she has new muscles on her right shoulder and hind quarters, new hocks, new cannon bones, refined fetlocks, new ears, added face and jaw detail, and correct mare parts. She’ll also be getting veining and wrinkles :) With any luck, she’ll be in clothes in time for a live show in September.

One response to “Oscar Update

  1. *squishes Oscar*
    He has adorable little feet and ears. ^^

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