New Stablemate Molds!

As you probably already know, last weekend was Breyerfest. The lucky attendees got the chance to own the newest molds in Breyer’s stablemate line. So far these guys have only been released in this one special run and are commanding hefty prices online, but I’m sure hoping they’ll be out as regular runs soon.

Following the event’s Denim & Diamonds theme, each new mold has a silly name. I believe they are the first Stablemates to have real names since the G1 race horses. There’s Chrome:






and my personal favorite, Rivet.


Images from, taken by Janice Cox

As I said, they’re currently pretty expensive. But especially when the regular run becomes available, these guys will be a great new world for mini customizers like me. I’m seeing Rivet in a red dun…

4 responses to “New Stablemate Molds!

  1. I am so dying for an Indigo to customize!!

  2. Is it just me or does Dungaree kind of look like a mini PS foundation quarter horse? I really love him But I don’t think I’ll customize one till they release them on a regular run that’s for sure.

  3. I quite like the look of Dungaree…though perhaps not in that colour. :P

  4. I hope they release as regular runs soon! I need one of each for the body box, and perhaps a nicer, shelf quality copy of Dungaree and Rivet!

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