Broken Promises

Despite my hopes, I have still been failing at blogging this month. All my hobby time has been devoted to getting things done for the Sept. 7 show. That endeavor is going well, but I still have a lot to do.

I was pretty on top of things until this happened:

Chrys - 8-21-13

I was having several issues with her and despite my efforts to fix them and continue, I knew that they were never going to be resolved completely, and that they were going to always bug me. So I’ve stripped her and I’m now re-prepping, re-adding veins and wrinkles… and have a short window in which to get color on her again.

Alpo is coming along really nicely, so *knock wood* I hope to have him done in his new improved look for the show. I also made him a custom travel box to keep him safe, and took the pictures so I can do a mini tutorial.

I definitely have my work cut out for me hobby-wise in the next week weeks (not to mention work, a good friend’s wedding, and in-laws visiting) but dang-nabbit I will be ready for this show!

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