Worth It!

So for a month there I was spending every bit of my model time on actually making horses, and blogging went by the wayside. I’m sorry about the long absence, but I’m not sorry that I worked so hard to get all that stuff finished! By the day before Rose City Live I was packed and ready to go, having accomplished my entire to-do list and even a bit extra.

The show was super fun. I missed all of the local spring shows so I hadn’t seen most of these folks since January at least. It was great to catch up and be among the awesome Region One hobbyists again :D

My half table

My table

My morning started with the custom performance division. I’d spent an extra bit of time improving my silly motorcycle costume entry, and was rewarded with Jaime’s first NAN card.

RCL13 - Jaime - Other Costume

The judge and real reference are new.

Next up I did another old-but-improved entry: my micro mini in Other Western as a bareback bronc. I was totally stunned by the win!

RCL13 - Penny Candy - bareback bronc

But what happened next was even more stunning. I was really happy to get a rider finished in time to use with Nightfox in the English division. It really helped bring my entries together!

RCL13 - Nightfox - hunter

RCL13 - Nightfox - Natural Trail

English trail, with a beautiful borrowed diorama by Mountain Home Models

Nightfox took 2nd in Hunter/Jumper, 1st in English Games, 1st in English Natural Trail, and 2nd in English Arena Trail. And that earned him the Champion English Performance horse!

RCL13 - Nightfox - English Champ

I was so excited! The judge said she thought I might faint. This is my first ever performance rosette, and my first Champion rosette. It was really awesome to win when I made the horse, tack, and rider, and planned the scenes. I felt like I worked really hard on each entry and that made the big win all the sweeter. Also big thanks to Caryn (who made the trail diorama and the jump), as well as Erin and Laura who were super supportive and helpful.

After that everything else would just be gravy, so I was stunned once more when Nightfox was named Reserve Overall Performance Champ.

RCL13 - overall perf reserve champ

*cue hyperventilation*

After the performance championship we broke for lunch. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was with all the excitement! After lunch the custom halter started. Nightfox was on a roll and took 1st in his breed class. I guess I managed to get all the sticky wax off him after all!

The afternoon rolled on and I acquired a delightful stack of NAN cards and red ribbons in halter and workmanship. There were no more blues, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed after the morning’s success! Kaylee, D’Artagnan, and Martouf all NANed for the first time.

I had so much fun at the show, and now I’m super pumped for NW Congress in October. I have big plans! And I really will be blogging about them :)

6 responses to “Worth It!

  1. It’s wonderful to see all your hard work paying off, Congratulations!

  2. I think I was more excited about your Championship than my 3 Reserve Champs :D Way to go, you definitely earned it!!

  3. Your performance setups are fantastic. I love the Harley Neighvidson! And the bronc, looks like well deserved wins, you should be very proud! :D

  4. Huge congratulations to yourself and Nightfox!!! What a fabulous achievement!!! :)

  5. Eeee, massive congrats! :D
    Nightfox is stunning so it’s very well deserved!

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