Jumping with Joy

I had three real-horse goals this summer:  #1, to make some more jumps for the barn and get the poles painted, #2, to attend a few shows, and #3, to school on a nearby cross-country course. I accomplished all three to some degree, which is delightfully satisfying.

Robyn and I are entering our second jumping show at the end of the month. It’s a derby with dressage, cross country, and jumping, so we wanted to get in at least one more practice day over cross country. We happened to have two young helpers along with us who took some pictures, so of course I have to share. Photo quality was inconsistent but after editing out the fingers there are some winners, especially of Robyn and Emily.

XC schooling-1 XC schooling-11 XC schooling-13 XC schooling-20 XC schooling-19

XC schooling-34

This photo is blurry but too cute not to include. It’s very Cochise.

XC schooling-15

The best picture of the day. Robyn and Emmy make a great pair.

Jumping cross country is maybe the most fun thing ever. I’m excited for our little show coming up… with any luck, we won’t have to be excused from the course like usual…

2 responses to “Jumping with Joy

  1. Look at Cochise being Mr. Brave!! Way to go!!

  2. Wheee! Look at them go! :D

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