Painted Poles for Ponies

As I mentioned in a previous jumping-themed post, one of my goals this summer was to finally paint all the barn’s jump poles. Actually, this has been a goal since last summer, but it never materialized. So I was determined it would happen this year.

And it did! At the yearly barn picture I set up poles and paint for everyone. The parents were almost more into it than the kids (who were also distracted by sack races, water balloons, and apple bobbing for both humans and horses).

By the end of the day, we had painted all but one pair of poles:

painted poles

Left to right: cows, clouds, rainbow, starfish or flowers, ribbons/birthday party/maypole, red, signatures, purple with smileys, and handprints.

I asked the painters to come up with the designs, and they did some great stuff. The kids were especially excited about the signature poles. We had colored sharpies and white poles, and the kids wrote all their name on one pole and all the horses names on the other (often multiple times). I was particularly chuffed about this one:

cochise the awesome pole

My horse has a big fan club :)

We can set up some great, colorful courses now.

painted crossrails

Clouds and rainbows!

triple line

Triple combo: starfish gate to cow print to natural

cows and cows

Foreground: cow jump. Background: actual cows. They seemed keen on watching us jump.

Robyn jumping the rainbow

Robyn jumping the rainbow starfish oxer.

I love our new poles. They’re super fun for everyone, from the kids trotting over poles to Robyn and I making oxers.

Cochise and I enjoyed a fun jump session this Friday. In my never ending quest to desensitize him, I added some fun goodies to this cowprint/ribbon jump.

Cochise and the wacky jump

You want me to jump what?

Of course, Cochise being Cochise, he chose to have no problem with that jump and then throw a mini tantrum over the ol’ familiar barrels. That’s my boy!

Next up: model-scale jumps!

3 responses to “Painted Poles for Ponies

  1. Very fun designs, make me want to paint some poles too :) I especially like the handprint design.

  2. Ahaha, what a brilliant idea! :D I’m really tempted to make some more poles for my models and have a little photostory of the kids painting them all…

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