Completing the Rider

So after casting my first halfsy-rider, I had to add back the missing parts and get her ready to go. First step was to build up her back with foil.

building rider - foil back

Next I covered that in epoxy.

Left: halfsy-rider, right: original sculpt

Left: halfsy-rider, right: original sculpt

And with several epoxy-adding sessions, she looked like a person again and was ready for paint.

building rider - drying paint

I actually decided at the last minute that her head needed to be separate so that she could look in different directions for events like jumping and trail. Now I can just plug her head into a hold drilled in the body, and it swivels.

building rider - body done

And so, after all that, I had a rider for Nightfox. And she was part of my champ winning performance run at Rose City Live.

finished rider

I’m working on several more figures right now, using the same half-cast method. I’m getting faster at the re-sculpting part, especially on those wee hands.

Right now I’m working on three figures, two riders and a walking person for showmanship and such. It’s nice to be doing a whole batch since I can work on one while epoxy dries on others.

new riders

The key here is not to lose those itty bitty heads. I’m making good use of some new little tupperwares.

2 responses to “Completing the Rider

  1. I am really enjoying your posts about casting your little people! And that is genius to not attach the head so it can turn!

  2. Oh wow, she looks fantastic now that she’s all painted! I remember her from your show photos but it didn’t occur to me that she was all your own work!

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