Rolling in Resins

Phew! I’m back from NW Congress, unpacked, and sort of recovered from my wild and wonderful weekend. I have a bunch of photos to sort and post, but I wanted to post tonight about the most exciting part of my weekend.

Spot the cat helped us sort the ribbons on Friday night

Spot the cat helped us sort the ribbons on Friday night

I definitely have some placings that I’m very pleased with, and will share shortly. But what really really made my weekend were all the great comments on my customizing. People who I really respect admired my horses and inquired after commissions. I was also able to barter my customs or commission slots for horses that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

And that’s how this happened:

upcoming projects

That’s my project shelf, which is suddenly quite populated!

On the top left is a K. Lucas Francis resin (Gallus?) who, together with the mini Majestuoso, are a commission trade for the Wee Wyakin on the right. Wyakin is mine to keep and I am already dreaming up all sorts of wild appy patterns for her.

He’s hard to see, but second from the left on the top is Rivet, one of the new Breyer stablemates so far only available at Breyerfest. I’ve wanted to get one to paint but they’ve been too expensive. Happily I was able to trade for him, along with a bunch of other stablemates. Next to Rivet (who will be a red dun) is a CollectA Cutting horse. I’m painting her as a trade, probably for a nice set of stablemate western tack.

NWC 2013 - Doodlebug

A gorgeous Doodlebug resin owned by Mandy Hood

On the bottom shelf is my first ever purchased resin, Doodlebug. I was able to snag him at a fabulous price. He already has a color (chestnut with chrome) and a name: Jump the Shark. Next to him is my long suffering Citation ornament CM, who I have renewed enthusiasm to finish.

In addition to the horses I came home with, I have one person mailing me a resin and two people who are interested in having me paint something for them. I certainly have my work cut out for me! Happily everyone has promised to be patient. I’ve decided that my commissions slogan should be “Custom creations for patient people.”

I can’t express how exciting and amazing it feels to have people wanting my work. And to have the opportunity to paint some lovely resins! I can’t wait to start prepping so I can paint these guys. I miss painting- this month was all about performance: props, tack, references, and dolls. My pastel box is getting dusty! But it won’t be for long. And of course, I’ll be documenting my painting adventures here, so stay tuned :)

One response to “Rolling in Resins

  1. Awesome news! Way to go, I am so pleased your excellent skills are being appreciated. I love the horses you’ve painted for Martin and I, they are beautiful and almost always in the ribbons :)

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