Primer Revelations

I’ve always struggled with priming horses, and I thought it was just me. But now I’ve seen the light.

It turns out I was just using the wrong primer. Primer with crappy coverage. Krylon Primer. I told Tracy of my primer woes and she recommended Rustoleum Primer. I picked some up yesterday and today my life was changed for ever. *Cue choir of angels*

Primer Heaven

I can’t believe how long I’ve muddled along with Krylon. This Rustoleum Primer is amazing. It’s night and day. The horse actually turns white when you prime it! And as a giant bonus, this primer doesn’t smell nearly as much.

primer horses

My beautiful new primer with my beautiful primed horses!

I am so excited! I shall prime everything and everyone in my path! Thank you Tracy!

8 responses to “Primer Revelations

  1. Great post! Question… how do you go about prepping a shiny model? I’ve only worked on matte models before… I just am afraid of doing tons of work and having it easily peel off of my horse.

    Would light sandpaper help by giving it something to “grip” onto?

    Thanks! Love your blog, by the way.

    • Hi Julie,

      To be honest, I’ve never prepped a glossy model either. I did a search on Blab but didn’t turn up anything- if you have a membership, you might try posting there. Beyond that, I would just suggest that you test it on a glossy that you don’t care about- and one that you haven’t put a lot of work into. You’ll know right away (I would think) if the primer doesn’t stick, and then you could try your sandpaper idea. Another possible trick would be to spray the horse with matte fixative, then primer him.

      But honestly, since I’ve never heard of a problem with glossy models and primer, I suspect that it’s not a common issue. Good luck! And let me know if you learn anything useful :)


      • You can paint a glossy model just fine, even chinas! :) For maximum adhesion, just sand the gloss layer up really good like you already mention before priming to give it something to bond to and you should be good to go.


  2. Thanks for the tip. Any idea if it yellows?

    • I haven’t used it before, but I know that many other hobbyists do, so I am assuming that it isn’t known to do so. Also I know that Tracy uses it specifically, and she has been doing amazing, customs for a long time. Many of her pieces are still gorgeous and kicking butt in shows, so I don’t think there’s been any sign of it. If I do see any yellowing or other issues with it, I will absolutely report back on the blog!

    • Not sure if it does or not but I never leave primer as my “whites” so I assume it wouldn’t matter if it did since it will be covered by paint anyway. Like Leah says, MANY people in the hobby use this (I always heard of people using it but never tried it until this year, myself) so I think you’re safe :) Just don’t leave primer as your white areas.


  3. Too bad this one is not available in Germany.. :( But good for you! You found your primer, yay!! :)

  4. A little late to the party here but just came across this post now. I actually discovered the same thing this year as well! I was using Krylon for awhile and still have quite a few cans of it left but the coverage and smoothness of this stuff is really nice. Now I only use the krylon as like an overlay primer if I need more tooth or if I did a little more prepping in an area.


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