Birthday Busyness

It’s my birthday tomorrow! I don’t make too big a deal about birthdays, but I will be eating a lot of delicious food and playing games with good friends.

My mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said I was already getting the best present of all, my dear friend Sarah visiting for the week. But since you asked… well, I sure do like this resin.

On Monday my parents came to town to celebrate with me and I opened my present. Oh my, he’s even more beautiful in person.


This is the beautiful Morgan Stallion Covenant Renewed. Covenant Renewed is a stablemate sized, slightly reworked version of Covenant Kept, a classic scale resin by Chris Jolly. Covenant Renewed was reworked by Stacey Tumlinson.

I am so lucky to have gotten this gorgeous guy. He is just stunning. I am planning to do a rich dark bay color on him. But for now, he’s standing proudly on the shelf, even naked. I just couldn’t put him in my WIP cupboard.

Besides, I have so many horses in progress right now! I’ve been prepping, and prepping, and prepping. I don’t know if I’m really obsessive, or just slow, or if these resins are particularly needy. The answer is probably some combination of the first two.

With my friend visiting and the holidays coming up (I’ll be in California for Thanksgiving), things might be a bit slow around here. I’m excited to get to the part where I’m adding color and can share progress pictures!

3 responses to “Birthday Busyness

  1. SM scale? Next to the Stone Pebbles and Chips I would put him around LB scale. Whatever he is, I love him. Gorgeous!

  2. I am so excited you got him!! Yay! He is such a handsome boy :)

  3. He’s beautiful! What a great birthday gift.
    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

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