Post Birthday Report

As planned, my birthday was delightful. And as planned, it involved a lot of delicious food.

We started at my favorite breakfast place, where you make your own pancakes on a table top griddle. I always have lots of fun making animals and such, and decorating them with toppings.

birthday pancake horse

My pancake horse with chocolate mane and blueberry eye. He was later slathered in raspberry syrup.

Later we went to the best sushi place in town, where I ate my weight in beautiful, delicious raw fish.

birthday sushi

And finally we returned home to enjoy the decadent, double layer carrot cake that Sarah made me.

birthday cake

Frances carefully monitored the cake-making process

My birthday also involved a lot of staring happily at Covenant Renewed, aka Salty Captain.


Much fun was had, and much food was eaten. Another lovely birthday, in the bag :)

And now I’m in California, getting ready for another delicious feast. Happy Thanksgiving folks!

2 responses to “Post Birthday Report

  1. Happy birthday AND happy Thanksgiving!

  2. So happy for you, and a little jealous. :)

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