Getting Antsy

I’m still in California hanging out with family, but I’m starting to get antsy and miss my plastic ponies :) I have so many exciting horses in progress and I’m eager to get back to work on them.

Poor Chryselephantine is being repainted AGAIN. For those of you counting, this is my fourth attempt to get the golden palomino I’m looking for. I bought some new pastels just for the endeavor, and so far so good- but time will tell.

Drying after a layer of pastel and fixative

Drying after a layer of pastel and fixative. I’m trying to preserve the paint on her hooves, hence the blue-tape booties.

The portrait horse I’m doing is getting his chocolaty base coat in acrylic. Normally I would do a bay with all pastel from a white base, but I wanted to hurry him up a little. Plus he’s a gift for a non-hobbyist, so that perfect workmanship-winning color is less important. He’s a gift for my trainer since I’m leaving her barn (for one closer to home) and so I want to have him done soon.

Ducky 11-24-13

Ducky is a slightly CMed G1 Seabiscuit with a new tail, new forelock, gelding parts, and corrected legs.

I finally got up the courage to start adding a new mane and tail to my beautiful Doodlebug resin. He’s getting a short, tack-friendly mane and a flowing tail. He’ll be a bright chestnut… in a million years when I finish sculpting him!

Sharky 11-23

Quick-drying epoxy under a desk lamp

I’m continuing to rejoice in my beautiful new primer and getting these guys prepped. The Gallus and Majestuoso are commissions and the Wee Wyakin and Rivet are mine. Rivet still needs some sculpting work, but the other three are getting very close to painting time.

primer herd 11-24

The primer herd drying on our kitchen island

With all these guys going, my in-progress cupboard is quite full. I’m stoked to get back to working on these, and hopefully have a few done in time for the spring shows.

I’m a little late on the announcement, but Anna Kirby at Dreamflite Design is running a Black Friday weekend sale on her stablemate English saddle tutorial. If you want to make your own tack, I highly recommend this tutorial! For this weekend it’s only $5 for a full color PDF! Get the details on her Facebook page.

I won’t have much to report til I get home on Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll quickly get back into a routine… including plenty of pony time!

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