My Belated Christmassy Post

We spent a lovely holiday with my family and today we headed out to the stable to visit Robyn’s family and the horses. The barn is always very festive around the holidays, with lights strung up and fir boughs on all the stalls (except for Hwinn’s stall, because she ate hers).

Barn Christmas Tree

Lolly and Jelly

The newest boarders, Lolly and her guide-donkey, Jelly, wear their festive hair ribbons.

Carrots from Santa

Pony stockings

All of the horses got peppermints in their stockings, but Little Oscar also got an extra special present- a new rope toy!

Oscars Rope Toy 1

Oscars Rope Toy 2

Oscars Rope Toy 3

He liked it very much. His “uncles” were intrigued, but were really more interested in the pepperments we had.

Gabe begs

Please can I have another peppermint?

Pepperments for the mares

Mr Oscar

Last but certainly not least we tromped over to the other paddock where Cochise rules with an iron hoof. Mr. Mudball got at least four peppermints.

Cochise with his tongue out

Happy holidays everyone! And just in case you need a tutorial:

3 responses to “My Belated Christmassy Post

  1. Lolly and Jelly look so cute in their hair ribbons. :D Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  2. I must say this was the first time I have ever seen the art of horse wrapping! Impressive!
    Happy New Year :)

  3. D’aww, happy ponies! :D

    Also, that video is hilarious – what a totally laidback cob!

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