‘West & ‘Fest

2016 is going to be a big year for me, hobby wise. Through luck, circumstance, and a bit of cajoling, I am planning to attend Breyerfest and NAN in July. And because that’s not scary enough, I’m also attending Breyerwest in March.

Breyerwest is something like a scaled down Breyerfest, which takes place on the west coast. It’s a way for hobbyists who can’t regularly travel to Kentucky to get a similarly awesome event. Breyerwest hasn’t been held in a few years, but I’m hoping that if this year goes well it will become a regular thing. I’m very lucky to have Breyerwest happening less than two hours away. Like ‘Fest, ‘West is going to have live shows, demonstrations, seminars, equine guests, and more!

Champion pony Smokin' Double Dutch will be there!

Champion pony Smokin’ Double Dutch will be there!

I’m excited and also apprehensive about these big plans. These will be the biggest three live shows I’ve ever been to, with some seriously tough competition. I’ve got a mighty to-do list organized by task and priority to guide me through the preparation and hopefully maintain some sanity.

One of the things I’m looking forward to most about these events is visiting with hobbyists. I’ll get to spend lots of time with some of my favorite people, and I’ll finally get to meet folks who’ve I’ve only talked to online. Give me a shout if you’re planning to attend!

10 responses to “‘West & ‘Fest

  1. Bobbie Kolehouse

    Leah, at Breyerfest, you’ll have to check out Bill Duncan and JR’s presentation on wagon and harness making. Should be good!

  2. It’s Awesome you get to attend to Breyerwest!

  3. I wish I could attend these things……. One day! 😊

  4. Yess!! I’m so excited for you! My hobby life this year is going to be super light, so I’m 100% counting on your posts here so I can live vicariously. ;)

  5. Can you post what you win or place in? Wishing you luck!!!

  6. Wishing you luck

  7. I wish I could attend these things everyday! :)

  8. I’ll be a ‘West and ‘Fest (friday only). :D I’ve got no reservations about your skills! I’m sure you’ll do just fine…. see you in the ring!

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