Home and Happy

What a trip! My NAN/Breyerfest Extravaganza, aka Kentucky Ahoy, aka 2500 Miles to Paradise, aka Sleep is for the Weak… is over. I’m home, rested, recovered, and even starting to organize my hundreds of photos.

I partially did this trip because I wanted to understand what all the fuss was about, and boy, do I! I’m going to do my best to share my experiences here in a series of posts- I could never fit it into one or two!

Our roadtrip started at 6am on a Friday. With three showstrings, road snacks, several duffles, and multiple totes of sales neatly tetrised into our beautiful van, we headed east. And kept going east, and kept going, and going.

kentuckyroadtrip-a kentuckyroadtrip-b

You know, when you have good friends and good conversations, 2500 miles just isn’t so bad.

Day one route

Day one route

We switched drivers regularly, marveled at the intriguing souvenirs sold at truck stops, looked for antelope, and complained (once we got to Nebraska) about the endless cornfields. We only got lost once, very briefly, in the wilds of south western Iowa.

And finally, one day three, we reached Kentucky.

A most welcome sight

A most welcome sight

From there, it was just a little bit longer to our final destination, the famed Clarion Hotel in Lexington. Roughly sixty hours after we left home, we had arrived. Let the festivities begin!

Unpacking at the CHIN

Unpacking at the CHIN

2 responses to “Home and Happy

  1. Glad you had fun! I’m looking forward to seeing all your hundreds of pictures. 😊

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