BreyerFest Ahoy!

And I’m off! This year I’m flying out to Chicago and then driving the rest of the way to Lexington. It felt real strange to pack so light- no show stuff, no models. This is the first year since BF 2014 that I haven’t been showing or competing in the custom contest.

Leaving Portland

I’ll be plenty busy at BreyerFest Live and Breakables none the less- I’m judging! I love judging, and having the opportunity to do so at these big shows is an honor.

I didn’t actually think I’d be returning to BreyerFest so soon after my first experience in 2016, but everything came together and here we are.

For the rest of you traveling- be safe and see you soon! And for those of you at home, enjoy your sleep and air conditioning, and armchair ‘fest in comfort :)

2 responses to “BreyerFest Ahoy!

  1. Have a blast! I’ll be there on Thursday.

  2. What is the theme for Breyerfest this year?

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