Bay & Black

Microsoft Clippy – Rockwell resin sculpted by Maggie Bennett – gift for M.B. 2018

Puns N Roses – CM G3 Para Dressage Horse – 2016

Collecta Cutting Horse – commission for E. W.

Salty Captain – Covenant Renewed resin sculpted by Stacey Tumlinson & Chris Jolly – 2013

Ducky – CM G1 Seabiscuit – portrait model for B.P.

Violet – CM G3 Friesian – portrait model for L.D.

Mr. L. B. Scuttlebutt – drastic CM G2 Shetland Pony – 2012

Micro Mini race horse diorama

Nightfox – CM G3 Warmblood – 2011

4 responses to “Bay & Black

  1. what paint do you use to paint the horses and how do you custom the horses because they are amazing!

  2. How do you do the shading, it adds so much dimension to the horse and they look fabulous. My favourite is Salty Captain, he is beautiful!

  3. Salty Captain is just gorgeous. Love the shading, he looks real!

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