Moxie resin sculpted by Sarah Rose – commission for S.T. – 2017

RoboClop – CM Stablemate Mustang with interchangeable mane and tails – 2017

Felix – AR HA Sleepy Shire sculpted by Donna Chaney – 2015

Hovito – AR Poquito sculpted by Sarah Rose (with custom tail) – 2015

Justice resin sculpted by Kristina Lucas Francis – commission for P. R.

Scribbles – CM Stablemate Scratching Foal – sold

Kaylee – First Draft resin sculpted by Marcy Osedo – 2013

CM Schleich Dartmoor – Donation to Rose City Live 2012

Lieutenant Kernel Panic – CM Schleich Shetland Pony

CM Stablemate donkey – commission for S. H.

Rabbit – CM Schleich Donkey – owned by A. P.

3 responses to “Pinto

  1. How gorgeous!

  2. How do you do interchangeable manes and tails? Love all your SM customs btw

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