Any customs listed below are by me unless otherwise specified. I may be willing to trade customizing services for some items on my want list. However, I am not currently taking commissions. If you are interested in anything, please email me at leah koerper at gmail dot com. My ads are also listed on MH$P under vendor Leah Koerper.

I always love to trade- please check out my want list!

Currently FOR SALE/trade

Martouf – Mulberry grey HA Fritz resin – $150 or TRADE

This is the Horsing Around Fritz resin sculpted by Tina Lamport. He’s been customized to have a longer, more proportionate back. He is painted a soft, detailed mulberry grey with a red-grey mane and tail. His body color is a combination of pastels, acrylic hairing, and white charcoal pencil and his mane and tail are done in acrylics.

Martouf is very secure in his base, which comes off for storage or transport. This resin is about 3.5 inches tall without the base. He’s about curio scale.

Martouf has multiple NAN cards in both breed and workmanship, and a Reserve Champ in workmanship. He comes with flat ribbons and NAN cards. I will include his breed and color reference page.

Martouf is priced at $150 plus shipping. I would also like to trade or partial trade for items on my want list.

For the most accurate sales listings, please check out my ads on MH$P

20 responses to “Sales

  1. Hi there! I love your blog! I was looking at your SM saddles, would you sell me a pattern? I just can’t seem to make one. :(

    Thanks so much!

  2. Hello!
    Would you consider trading a custom SM for a Hale resin? My Hale has some prepping done, but he still needs work. It doesn’t have to include a paintjob, just the customized model? I just adore the head down gelding you did!

  3. Is there a pattern for the dragon head mask that was featured for the black horse photo? or is there a premade version? I looks awesome!

  4. Can you make custom models? I would LOVE to order a few from time to time.

    • Yes, but I don’t take commissions very often. Except for trades! If you have something on my want list and are interested in a trade, definitely get in touch!

  5. I’m afraid I only have the newer horses, I’m hoping to get one of the Marwari stallion models in a blue roan color.

  6. I was also hoping to get some nice looking stablemates and a classic repaired/repainted.

  7. I would really like the pony mare.

    • If you’re interested in purchasing one of the horses above, please email me at leah.koerper (at) Thanks!

  8. What kinds of pastels do you use?

  9. I use a variety of brands- I started out with a set of Rembrandts and I also use AlphaColor Earthtones, CreataColor, Prismacolor, Schminke, and Blick brand pastels.

  10. Hi there,
    I was just wondering if that white stallion was still available and how do I pay you for him?
    Is the $16 include postage?

    Thanks, Tombi xxx

  11. Hannah Isherwood

    Are you still making and selling horses? I would live to have one of these amazing figures!

    • I’m still making them and occasionally sell things, but I don’t paint horses specifically for sales or do public commissions.

  12. Hi. I’ve tried to repaint Schleich horses myself, but they never turn out. They’re always sticky afterward. I’ve never primed, stripped, or put finish on my horses. Should I do these things? Also, what paint do you use? I use acrylic (but again, the stickiness!) Thanks again.

    • For best results, you definitely want to use primer (or gesso, which is a paint-on primer) on your horses. I’ve used a combination of acrylics and pastels to paint Schleichs and similar rubbery-plastic horses. The most crucial thing for these types of horses is to seal them in modge podge after you are done. This prevents the stickiness you are experiencing. I wrote a long post here about this process. All of the horses I painted and sealed with modge podge have stayed un-sticky for years.

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