Want List

I am always looking for more bodies to customize and paint…even though I have a box full! I will take models in good condition as well as with chips, cracks, and even breaks.

All models must be inexpensive, since I try not to spend much on bodies. I particularly love to trade for resins so I keep a list. Or if you have any of these for sale at a wonderfully low price, do let me know.

I may trade customizing services, finish work, or custom props for items on my want list. Please email me to discuss further.

Most coveted items are in bold.

The List:

Top quality Stablemate tack by Anna Kirby (others considered)

Top quality Stablemate scale props


  • Chris Jolly: Baby Doctor Bill, Nurse Ratchett, El Crapola/The Ugly Horse/Yucky 2000
  • D’Arry Jone Frank: Casanova, Wee Dini
  • David Mayer: HA Amber
  • Donna Chaney: Venus, Cupid, Mini Thoroughbred, SS Norman, Mini Dartmoor
  • Kitty Cantrell: Stablemate Mustang Family Mare and Foal
  • Laura Behning: Cardiff
  • Lora Speiser: Jewel
  • Lynn Fraley: Netzky
  • Maggie Bennett: Artan, Sahir
  • Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig: Vixen
  • Sarah Rose: Cheveyo, Nevada, Jezebel
  • Tina Lamport: Highflyer

CollectA: Dartmoor Pony Stallion

Peter Stone: Chips Pony

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