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Great Painting Tip from Jamie Baker

Jamie Baker is a great model horse artist, and is always very generous with sharing her techniques. She shared a brilliant (and so simple!) technique on Blab that I definitely plan to use.

Jamie Baker tip screenshot

This idea is a cool compatriot for another tip from Blab about visualizing colors, which I posted about previously.

Have I mentioned I can’t wait to start painting again?

This post needed a picture. Check out the butt on this gorgeous guy!

This post needed a picture. Check out the butt on this gorgeous guy! I know it’s the angle but… dayum. Cool reference for the pangare, too.

Vicarious Breyerfest

I don’t collect original finish, I don’t really like huge crowds, and I’m a cheapskate, so I doubt I’ll ever attend Breyerfest. But I still love to pour over the news and pictures from those who do go.

Here are my favorite threads on Blab:


Anyone win the hat contest?

Doowiki’s Breyerfest Blog

Lets See Your Costume!!

Breyerfest Live brags!!!

And here’s an album of pictures from the Collector’s Classes from Blab member PolarVrtx

Extra special congratulations to Caryn Peck, Jamie Baker, and Anna Kirby on their 7th place finish in cross country at Breyerfest Live. Caryn made the diorama, Jamie made the horse, and Anna made the tiny tack. Way to go ladies!

photo by Jamie Baker (I think)

Has anyone else found great galleries/link for Breyerfest eye candy? Please post them in the comments!

Slow Progress, and more handy tips from Anna

Slowly, between work and chores and something like a social life, I’ve been getting some model horse things done.

Weasel, my drastic custom Safari Arabian foal, was finally finished and went to his new home.

Finally finished!

I continued working on my English saddle and got some more great tack tips from Dreamflite Designs blog. It’s a tiny saddle but the process makes a big mess…

If you look close you can see the seat and flaps of the saddle sitting on the computer.

Meanwhile, the results from the Model Horse Blab Summer Photo Show are up, and Doublet was second in European Warmblood– losing only to the Custom Division Overall Reserve Champion. None of my other placings were too exciting but I did get some nice comments, particularly about my documentation.

This weekend is all about relaxation! So hopefully the ponies will come out to play at least one afternoon.

Peace Through Ponies

The other day I was feeling grumpy. And I couldn’t figure out why. And I said to myself, I have a lot of things to do. But I don’t want to do them. I want to pastel ponies.

I didn’t actually have anyone who was ready to pastel- I’ve been prepping for what seems like years. But then I remembered the promise I made to myself when I started back into this hobby: do it for fun. For enjoyment. So I stopped obsessively prepping and perfecting, and went for it. And what a lovely, grump-free evening it was.

I started with some pastelling (the beginnings of two chestnuts):

Then I happily moved on to more prepping and priming:

And then got out my dremel for the first time in too long and chopped up some ponies that needed drastic alterations.

The poor head down mare is once again decapitated. But it’s for her own good, I promise.

The two ponies in the primer picture will soon join in on the pastelling. I love having finish work in progress because it’s easy to do a little bit each day, even when I’m busy. Just today, in a pocket of time before work, I put another layer on the two chestnuts.

In other news, I’ve updated both the My Showstring page and Sales. Model Horse Blab is opening it’s forums to unpaid members this week in honor of the site’s 8th birthday so I’m taking advantage and exploring lots of cool threads. Plus, they’re hosting a free, open photo show. Good times.

Model Horse Blab Forums Open All Weekend

In honor of the Kentucky Derby weekend, the Model Horse Blab forums are all open to free members as well as paid members. There is an absolute wealth of information in all the forums- I highly recommend perusing the how-tos and customizing posts this weekend while it’s free. One of these days I’m just going to get a membership- it’s totally worth it- but I fear having even more internet goodies to read!

Model Horse Blab

Blab Thread: Your Collecting Goals

There’s a thread going on Blab about model collection goals. I’m always intrigued by other people’s collection goals and thoughts on the whole plastic pony pandemic. Some highlights:

“My goal is to be able to display all my models in a way they can be appreciated I’ve sold off a bunch and now have room to spread out the ones I really love, and I would like for it to always be that way.” – Amy on page 1

“I want to appreciate every model I have and absolutely love everything about it.” – Jonesbug on page 4

“My goals are adding horses to the herd that I’ve been wanting for a long time […] I’ve challenged myself to purchase them with money (mostly) earned through the hobby. ” – Nichelle (of Desktop Stables) on page 7

“In 11 years of model horse collecting, my goal has not been attained and never changes: Tighten my focus. ” -Susan B on page 7

“I’m supposed to have goals? Uh oh…” – happytrails on page 10

I’m definitely on board with a constant focusing and downsizing to prevent overflowing. This morning, even before seeing this post, I had made a new model horse resolution to only have one simple custom on each mold- no doubles unless it’s a drastic custom! That will maintain uniqueness and keep the numbers down. I want every model to be special, and if I have too many in my collection I don’t see how that can be. I’ve been thinking about selling quite a few of my customs (you may notice I added a Sales page on here). We’ll see.

Also, Happy Star Wars Day! It’s May Fourth, as in “May the Fourth be with you.”

Going in a new direction

Interesting thread on Blab about shifting your model horse hobby goals from collecting to customizing and/or building a more focused collection: Going in a new direction.

Good reading for me as I work on my new shelf unit.